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Pianist Laura Leon

Leo Kraft's Music for a Day: 8 Short, Play-full Pieces for Piano premiere recording

Leo Krafts Music for a Day 8 Short, Play-full Pieces for Piano premiere recording

Leo Kraft: Music for a Day (1982)

Composed by Leo Kraft in 1982 with the young intermediate pianist in mind, Music for a Day is an enchanting group of 8 very short, captivating solo piano pieces-more in the guise of short stories-gently imprinted with some of Leo's celebrated signature sonorities, unexpected and delightful harmonic and motivic twists and turns, alongside heartfelt sensitivity and humor.

These are a wonderful contribution to the contermporary solo piano repertoire for all pianists.

Titles include “Good Morning," a true musical inflection of the greeting; waltzing “Raindrops” based exclusively on the interval of the second, as if atop an umbrella; the swirl of “Afternoon Breeze.” “In Evening” invokes the aura of Copland’s ‘American sound’ and “Distant Bells” is a subtle nod to Debussy’s “La Cathedrale Engloutie."

I was privileged to premiere Music for a Day at the Composer's Voice September 28, 2014 4th Annual Children's Month concert in NYC.

Recorded/produced by Adam Abeshouse. Music for a Day is published by Subito Music.