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Pianist Laura Leon

Matilda Variations: An Homage to Australia's beloved "Waltzing Matilda"

Matilda Variations An Homage to Australias beloved Waltzing Matilda

Earth Lines #5 #0503 Oil on Canvas
by Ian Banksmith

In celebration of Australia Day 2013, filmmaker Karen Leon has created a dramatic music video, Matilda Variations, that interweaves composer Steven Rosenhaus' stirring solo piano work, Matilda Variations, with the colorful, visionary artwork of Australian contemporary artist Ian Banksmith.

Commissioned by pianist Laura Leon, in honor of Australia, for a concert she was invited to give at the Australian Consulate in NYC in 2001, Rosenhaus' merged "Waltzing Matilda" with the musical styles of many classical composers-among them, Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Mozart. He also included an unexpected dash of tango. The music video Matilda Variations extols the dramatic, natural splendors of Australia, and can best be described as akin to an aural and visual Walkabout.

Steven Rosenhaus' Matilda Variations was recorded by Laura Leon and has aired on Australian Broadcasting Corporation's Classic FM and Australia's award-winning Community Radio Station 4MBS. SInce its premiere and original recording, Matilda Variations was rereleased in 2011 with new cover and art design by Karen Leon.