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Pianist Laura Leon

Andras Schiff's 92Y J.S. Bach Well Tempered Clavier performances featured on the music blog View Skewed

Andras Schiff039s 92Y JS Bach Well Tempered Clavier performances featured on the music blog View Skewed
It was a privilege to be in the audience at Andras Schiff’s extraordinary performances of J.S. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier at the 92nd Street Y on October 27th and November 1st.  The experience of hearing both books through Mr. Schiff’s vision was breathtaking and profound--and still resonating.

I was delighted to have sat next to Meredith Berke and Justin Brunelle at both concerts. Meredith blogs on View Skewed, writing ‘music reviews from NYC and beyond...’ and is dedicated to promoting musicians and the industry.  Justin Brunelle is an artist and writer.

Meredith and Justin came to experience-as well as write about--Andras Schiff and his perspective on Bach. It was the first classical review for View Skewed. Their reviews cover both performances, alongside the 92nd St Y’s innovative use of social media (The Well-Tweeted Clavier) to spread the word about Andras Schiff, The Well Tempered Clavier, and this season’s start of Schiff’s The Bach Project.

During our conversation before Book I, Justin inquired as to why I had come to hear Andras Schiff perform this particular repertoire. I am flattered to have found myself quoted within his richly textured review.

To read Meredith and Justin’s reviews and perspectives on Andras Schiff and his Bach performances, please visit (Andras Schiff. 92Y. NYC.)

Photo of Reutter Porzellan-Germany miniature portrait plate of J.S. Bach on Steinway keyboard by Laura Leon.
                                                       Miniature discovered at The Tiny Dollhouse in NYC.


updated: 10 years ago