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Pianist Laura Leon

Gluten-Free Living features Pianist Laura Leon's Free Download Campaign to Help Aid Gulf

Gluten-Free Living is the only national four-color magazine devoted to helping individuals lead a healthy gluten-free life. Its Fall 2010 issue just came out and is featuring an article by Ann Whelan, Editor and Publisher, about the free music download campaign on behalf of the Gulf. The article appears on the magazine's Reality CD page.

As the article is not yet up on Gluten-Free Living's website (, I wanted to share it here. I will post the link to the magazine when it is up. Thank you for reading!



by Ann Whelan, Editor and Publisher

LAURA LEON is a concert pianist who just happens to have celiac disease, as do several members of her family. She has an abiding interest in everything going on in the world. Laura has worked to raise money for the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University and is justly proud of her three children, all of whom have supported her gluten-free life. In fact, Susan, who also has celiac disease, is the creator and director of the documentary Generation Gluten Free (information at

These days Laura is also focused on the Gulf of Mexico. "We need to support those who are working tirelessly-each and every day-to save, revive and protect the environment, wildlife and support the families that live and work in the Gulf, many of whom have lose their livelihoods," she says.

Doing what she can, Laura is making two free music downloads available on her website to send out a message of care and support to two organizations on the forefront in the Gulf: an animal rescue program and Second Harvest, which has already distributed more than 375,000 meals to families in need.

You can get the downloads at Naturally, Laura would like you to consider making a donation to support those working to heal and revive the Gulf area, but either way, the downloads are yours to keep. The artwork that goes with the music was done by Laura's sister, Karen Leon, who also has celiac disease. Karen is a nationally recognized cartoonist/illustrator, and photographer.