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Pianist Laura Leon

Zwei Kleine Puckstuckenleine (1964) by Joel Mandelbaum

American musician, composer and educator Joel Mandelbaum wrote Zwei Kleine Pückstückchenleine for solo piano in 1964 for his wife, acclaimed stained glass artist Ellen Mandelbaum. This video features Ellen Mandelbaum's stunning art alongside Joel Mandelbaum's compositions. He incorporated her nickname, "Pucky," into the title of these two expressive and engaging "dimunutes of smaller pieces." (JM)

Joel Mandelbaum:

Ellen Mandelbaum:

Featured artwork:

I. Martinique (1984); Waterfall (2006); Cherry Tree (2003); Autumn Martinique (1984) II. Weeping Cherry (2003); Garden Shower (2010) Recorded at Cove City Sound Studios, Glen Cove, NY John Arbuckle, Recording Engineer Yamaha Piano