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Pianist Laura Leon

Peter Schickele: PRESENTS II


Peter Schickele's PRESENTS II, a beautiful group of seven miniature piano pieces, received its world premiere on April 13, 2008 in Laura's recital American Images From The Piano: Neo-Classic to Nature 1946-2008 at Yamaha's Piano Salon in NY. He had given her the manuscript during the summer of 2007.

Mr. Schickele describes the work as "an open-ended collection of small piano pieces written over the years as gifts for various people-some close, some met only once-who have been a part of my life. PRESENTS II is a sort of piano diary, and the pages, I suspect, are not all filled yet."  

The following four tracks are from a live performance from American Images from the Piano: Neo-Classic to Nature 1946-2008. Recorded by Joseph Patrych, Yamaha Piano Salon, April 13, 2008.